Carlisle Standard Paddle

Color: White/Blue
Size: 60
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The Carlisle Standard Paddle is the industry standard in commercial-grade raft paddles. Cheap, durable, and dependable, the Carlisle Standard Paddle is a great choice for stocking your paddle crew or R2 rig. The aluminum shaft of these paddles is coated with polyethylene to give you a secure and comfortable grip, and the sealed inner shaft means this paddle will float if it gets dropped in the river. 

Grip: T-grip
Blade Material: High-impact polypropylene
Blade Size: 20.3 cm W x 50.8 cm L  (8" W x 20" L)
Blade Shape: Symmetrical
Shaft Material: Fully clad aluminum
Shaft Shape: Straight
Breakdown: No
Weight: 60"  is 34 oz  (964 g)
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing


Pro Tip: Owning a lot of these can be a hassle to carry around and store if you don't have a paddle bag. We recommend picking up the NRS Paddle Bag if you buy more than four of them. Trust us, you'll thank yourself!

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