Down River Coped and Welded Aluminum Flip Seat Bracket

Size: 1.25 LD Pipe
Bay Opening: 19.5in
Sale price$264.49

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The Down River Coped and Welded Aluminum Flip Seat Bracket provides a solution for using a variety of accessory seat choices in a durable flip seat configuration. Constructed from DRE's LD piping, this bracket is bombproof if your rig flips and it takes some direct hits from rocks. This bracket is most commonly used with the NRS Lowback or NRS Highback Tractor-style seats, but there are other options for it as well. 

 Sizes 17.5" / 18.5" / 19.5" / 20.5" / 21.5


*Seat Not Included - This is sold as Bracket Only*

Pro Tip:
This product essentially turns any standard raft seat into a captain's chair. The Captain's Seat is a very popular item that is often backordered. This is a good alternative if you need a flip seat on a compressed timeline. 

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