Down River Fishing Rod Holder for Rafts

Style: First 9' Rod Holder LD
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Tired of breaking your fly rods while rafting? Not sure where to store your rod while rowing? The Down River Fishing Rod Holder is your answer! Down River makes the strongest, sleekest, and most efficient rod holders on the market. Designed to hang one or two rods, these holders are bent to fit the contour of your raft to avoid hangups when fishing the shoreline. Accessible from the front or rear of the raft, the rod holders are simple to use and provide a safe and secure place to store rods while on the water. This is a modular system; it can be used on either side of the boat and is installed with the included set screws. The 'First Rod Holder' connects directly to the side rail of your frame. The 'Second Rod Holder' connects a second rod holder to your first rod holder tube. The Down River Fishing Rod Holder is designed for 9' or 10' rods, be sure to select the correct size. DRE builds their rod holders with the same 1.5" ID aluminum used in their frames to produce the best combination of weight and strength.

Note: If you only need one rod holder, you should purchase the first rod holder. If you want two rod holders, you need to buy both the first and second. The second rod holder only works with the first.

  • All mounting hardware included
  • Breaks down into two pieces for easy storage and transport.
  • First rod holder attaches directly to frame. We stock the size that fits NRS frames and Down River LD Frames.
  • Second rod holder attaches to first rod holder.

The 10' rod holder is too large for smaller rafts and is best for 14'+ boats, but can be used on most 13' boats excluding the Super Puma. The 9' rod holder is best for smaller rafts under 14'.


**Not meant to hold rods while in transit or while your raft is in tow** 

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