Down River Kitchen Floor

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Make camp clean-up and Leave No Trace principles a breeze with the Down River Kitchen Floor. Tightly woven multi-mesh is durable and lightweight, allowing dirt and sand to fall through while trapping food particles. No more scouring the ground for those last few crumbs! Integrated corner pockets allow the floor to be weighted with sand or rocks. The Down River Kitchen Floor helps you leave your campsite nice and clean with minimal effort, so the next group can enjoy a critter-free campsite. This is the perfect kitchen floor for any style of camping, especially on rivers that require one. 

Size Color Dimensions
Small Green 60" x 72"
Medium Blue 72" x 96"
Large Black 96" x 144" 


Pro Tip

The Large size kitchen floor was designed with outfitters and commercial use in mind. The 8' x 12' size can be a bit excessive for some private boaters, but it makes a great setup for crews of 12 or more!

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