Down River Sweep Kit Bag

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The Down River Equipment Sweep Kit Bag is the perfect addition to any paddle raft. It's the most convenient place for stashing your customers' extra gear out of the way or keeping your pin kit readily accessible.

With plenty of room that keeps your gear secure and two grab handles on the thwart straps, this bag adds an extra degree of safety. Four integrated D-rings provide accessibility for items like throw bags.

  • Double Lined Multi-Mesh
  • Xtra Duty Mesh Base
  • Easy Attachment D-Rings
  • Quick Access Cinching System
  • Cam Strap Closure Flap
  • Integrated Grab-Handles
  • Webbing 1" high tenacity polypropylene, UV resistant
  • Size 17in x 14in x 22in
Pro Tip

While it's called the sweep kit bag, we think this product works well for a variety of uses. It will fit two 30L drybags side-by side in it - perfect for packing in lunch on day trips. The mesh is fine enough and durable enough to keep sharp edges on cans from damaging your raft as well.

We want to ensure that you are getting the best gear, with the best service, at the best price!

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