NRS Boat Bag for Rafts, IKs, and Cats

Size: MD
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No garage? No problem! The NRS Boat Bag for Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks, and Catarafts, protects your investment during its most vulnerable times. Most damage to inflatables actually happens when they are deflated and rolled up, rather than when they are inflated; air pressure is the key to their durability and puncture resistance. Folds in the material when an inflatable boat is rolled up can concentrate points where a small abrasion can have big consequences on your boat's ability to hold air. Keeping your boat protected in a bag all but ensures a long life to your product, as well as protecting it from harmful UV rays when not in use. If you don't trailer your boat or do not have the luxury to store it inflated, this bag is a must have. 
  • Each bag is made from durable, 18 oz./1000 denier PVC material reinforced with rugged nylon webbing.
  • A zippered closure bound on each side with breathable mesh allows easy storage and venting so your boat dries.
  • Four sizes to choose from.
  • Everyone rolls boats up differently. Please measure your boat's L x W x D when it's rolled up to ensure accurate sizing.
Size Dimensions Fits
IK 26"L x 23"W x 11"D 1 & 2 person IKs
M 40"L x 25"W x 11"D 9'-12'6" rafts, 14' & 16' cat tubes
L 48"L x 31"W x 13"D Most 13'-14' rafts
XL 55"L x 40"W x 15"D Most 15'-18' rafts

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