NRS Frame Stern Side Rails

Size: 32"
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Convert your oar-powered raft to a motor boat, or create an attachment point for an anchor mast, by adding a pair of NRS Stern Side Rails to your frame.
  • The 32" and 39" sizes are bent to work best on 54" and narrower frames. Boats like the AIRE Puma-Series rafts usually need these sizes.
  • The 36" size is bent to work best on 60" and wider frames.
  • Before ordering, measure the distance from the center of the cross bar on your frame the rails will attach to, to the center of the boat's back tube panel. If one of our stock sizes doesn't work, contact us for custom rails.
  • The Stern Side Rails attach to your frame using our LoPro™ Frame Fittings, which are designed to clamp to our 1 5/8" diameter frame pipe.
  • Our raft motor mounts come with a length of frame pipe that connects the mount to the Stern Side Rails.
  • When adding these Stern Side Rails for creating an attachment point for the anchor mast on a Raft Stern Frame Anchor System, you will also need to purchase a length of frame pipe, # 91002.01, and two Frame Plugs, # 91010.01.

Material: 1 5/8" 6063-T6 Anodized Aluminum Frame Pipe
Included Components:
  • 2 - Side Rails
  • 4 - LoPro Fittings
  • 4 - U-bolts with nuts and washers

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