NRS Frame U-bolt

Size: Standard
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The NRS Frame U-bolt is the standard fitting for all NRS frame components that use LoPro fittings. This ingenious little fitting solves the issue of having to use large pipe fittings (that are normally meant for plumbing) to secure items like frame cross bars to your frame side bars. The hardware on a U-bolt faces upwards, meaning that it is easy to adjust your bar positioning on the water with the use of a frame tool or ratchet wrench with ease.

  • Curve of the U-bolt is flattened, or "coined", to reduce impact on boat material. It's shaped to fit our 1 5/8" diameter frame pipe.
  • The 2 1/8" deep Standard size U-bolt is used with LoPro Frame Fittings.
  • We use the longer 2 5/8" deep Oversized U-bolt with our Raft and Cataraft Anchor Systems, Lower Cat Rail Spreader Bars and Cataraft Frame Aluminum Floors. Folks building their own custom frames may also find use for these U-bolts.
  • Tips of threaded shanks are rounded, eliminating sharp edges.
  • Each U-bolt comes with two 1/2" zinc-coated nylon locknuts and two zinc-coated flat washers. Bolt thread is 5/16"-18.
Weight: Single bolt with nuts & washers is 0.1 lbs.
Included Components:
  • 1 - U-bolt with nuts and washers
  • Bolt thread is 5/16"-18
  • Rounded bolt tips


Size A B
Standard 2 1/8" 1 5/8"
Oversized 2 5/8" 1 5/8"


Pro Tip: Since all NRS frame components and accessories use the same U-bolt system, its important to have a handful of extras in your tool kit or repair kit in the event that you need to replace something on the water. 

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