NRS 1" Heavy Duty Cam Strap

Color: Iconic Blue
Size: 1' - Pair
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The NRS 1" Heavy Duty Cam Strap is probably the most widely-used product in modern river running. Whether you are a kayaker, rafter, or stand up paddler, chances are you've got a bag of these that you have acquired out of necessity.

The Cam Strap is ideal for all of the jobs that rope doesn't do well when it comes to securing gear. The key to the cam strap is the ability to tighten down gear snugly, but release that tension with the press of a button, rather than having to untie a stubborn, wet knot. Since 1978 people have come to the realization that there is no alternative to cam straps when it comes to boating. They are great for thousands of other uses off the water, too!

NRS has redesigned its cam straps. Gone are the days of buying straps one at a time! Get your straps in two packs or four packs in colors black or blue, marked with their length on the strap and prominently on the top of the buckle so you can find the strap you're looking for without grabbing every other strap in the bag.

  • Unlike clunky ratchet straps and cheap imitations the NRS Strap is strong, easy, fast and simple with unlimited usefulness.
  • UV-protected polypropylene webbing won't stretch when wet and delivers an impressive Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of 1,500 lbs.
  • Custom cam buckle features dual stainless-steel springs for a strong, even bite that won't slip, ever.
  • The strap size is prominently indicated on the buckle so there's never any guesswork.
  • Iconic Blue straps keep with the traditional design with the strap size woven into the webbing.
  • A woven name tag near the buckle lets you reclaim your straps from friends who borrow but don't return.
  • Hidden bottle opener on the buckle aids one of the most popular "strap hacks."
  • All sizes sold in pairs.
  • 9', 12' and 15' also sold in 4-packs.
Pro Tip

If you've got a ton of straps, you know that they can get super tangled and unorganized in your strap bag and it can be a nightmare to get the one strap you're looking for. While it takes a bit of time, many of us at CKS roll our straps back up before putting them in the bag so that they are easy to find for next time. Any strap over about 4 feet is pretty easy to roll, and a great post-boating activity. Pay close attention to how NRS rolls these straps when you take them out of the packaging for the first time, and try to roll them back up that way every time! You will thank yourself the next time you need that strap and it's easy to find!

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