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NRS PFD Bag Features: Since no one wants to carry around wet gear, NRS has created the PFD Bag. Strap your PFD bag on top of your car with all the stinky gear in it and keep the car smelling fresh and clean.


NRS PFD Bag Features:

    • The top of this bag is made with the same 2-1/2" square mesh netting we use in our Cargo Nets, so everything inside dries quickly.
    • The bottom is 500 denier PVC-coated nylon for durability.
    • Two sturdy handles and a quick-cinch drawcord opening allow you to pick up and go.
    • Room enough for all your friends gear on a rafting or kayaking trip. Holds up to 18 life jackets.
    • Size: 40"W x 40"L x 30"H
    • Material- 500-denier PVC
    • 2.5" Square-Mesh Netting
    • Size: 40"W x 40"L x 30"H
    • Holds up to 18 PFDs
    • 2 Handles
    • Cinch Drawcord

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