Snurfer Drifter Snow Surfer

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The Snurfer Drifter Snow Surfer rules the hill any day with its split tail and wide nose, but when there are a few inches of fresh snow (or feet for the lucky ones!) the Drifter is King! The wide nose creates float and the longer length and split tail let you sit back and enjoy the ride on this bindingless board.

Use the rope slider to adjust the rope length perfectly and tug the throttle grip handle to let the soft flex of the maple laminates of the Drifter bring the front end up, making turn initiation easy.  The three-channel bottom adds stability when straight-lining. A full-length, EVA foam pad provides comfort and traction under your feet.  Add the optional power pads for even more grip

  • Length: 45.6"
  • Nose Width: 11.3"
  • Tail Width: 9.7"
  • Base Features: 3 channel flat base
  • Side Cut: Directional radial taper
  • Board Flex: Full
  • Traction Pads: 24 " full EVA foam
  • Rope: 76" Recycled Poly Rope w/slider
  • Handle: Throttle Grip Handle
  • All US made
  • Ideal for riders of all weights

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