2011 Pole Pedal PADDLE!!!
The pole pedal paddle is a yearly event that embraces both winter and summer activities; it means the end of ski season but the start of kayaking and mountain bike season. Our team was the only junior team in the race. So all we had to do was finish and we would get first place.

Start of the Race


Finishing the ski leg


My math teacher Bechtal and his skier

End of the biking leg

Start of the Kayaking

End Of Kayaking

Earl Richmond

My Team From Left Cody Johnston(Biker), Evan Schehrer: me (Kayaker), Ethan Coit(Skier)

Overall, the race was great. Jessie Richter won again for his seventh repeat in the race, and our team had great time of 3 hours and 21 minutes. I would also like to thank Mike Harvey for letting me borrow the plastic slalom boat, otherwise I don’t think the creek boat I was going use would have been that fast.

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