Outfitting Your Raft? You're in the Right Place.

Now that you've got your raft, frame, and everything else you need to row, it's time to get your new rig dialed in. But here's a secret--there is no secret to customizing the perfect raft setup. Most outfitting additions are expendable in terms of getting you down the river, but can definitely make rigging and rowing a lot more convenient. Everything from here on out pretty much boils down to budget and personal preference!

Hold Up - I Don't Know Which Frame I Need Yet


We'll be using some potentially new terminology throughout this guide and want to make sure that no reader is left in the dark.

Side Rail: Each frame needs two side rails that sit along the raft's side tubes. Oar towers attach to side rails so you are able to row your boat.

Double Rail: Typically seen on larger rigs, a double rail setup includes two side rails on either side of the frame. This allows the rower to add decking to their setup to create additional rigging points and walking spaces.

Cross Bar: The pipes that run from side rail to side rail are called cross bars. Each complete frame needs at least two cross bars, and bays are created by adding more cross bars to your frame.

Foot Bar: A type of cross bar (or a frame component that fastens to a cross bar) that allows the rower to brace their feet while they are pushing or pulling on the oars.

Bay: The space between two cross bars. Bays are where the rower can place and secure gear like coolers and dry boxes.

Bay Width: The distance between cross bars (not side rails!).

Foot/Captain's Bay: The bay where the rower (captain) places their feet. Captains typically do not rig any gear in this bay for lack of space. Larger rafts, however, may have room for rocket boxes, water jugs, or small coolers on either side of the rowers' legs.

Hatch: The space beneath a bay. Hatches are created by rigging a drop bag underneath the bay and covering it with a drop bag cover, a kitchen table, or decking.

The Most Underrated + Affordable Piece of Dry Storage

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We'd Argue That EVERY Rig Needs a Cooler!

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Grab the Tape Measure

Sure, you can easily find most raft specifications online. However, most rafts are handcrafted and their specifications are subject to up to 2" of variation.

Sure, you know the nominal dimensions of your new frame and bays, but just because two cross bars are 19" apart center-to-center does not mean an 19" wide rocket box will be able to easily drop into the bay.

All of this to say, you need to measure your raft again!

The most important dimensions to note will be your raft's interior width, and your actual bay widths (remember, cross bars are easy to move if needed).

The Easiest Way to Rig a Cooler or Dry Box

Simply measure your boat's interior width and decide on a bay width to properly size your new drop bag. Make sure that your desired cooler or dry box will fit inside of your raft and frame, as well. Once you attach the drop bag to your cross bars, "drop" the cooler or dry box in, and rig it down using Loop Straps over the top. Bonus points if you tuck a Sleeping Pad under the straps before tightening them down to make an ultra-comfy bench!

Drop bags can also be used to stash loose and hard-to-rig items such as sand stakes, camp chairs, beach games, etc. Top it off with a Drop Bag Cover so everything stays nice and neat!

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Check Out Other Ways to Organize Your Boat

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Make Rigging Your Bow + Stern a Piece of Cake, Too!

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A lot of folks eventually end up adding decking to their frames. Decking allows for more rigging points along the sides of your raft (think ammo cans), as well as more space to walk comfortably around the boat on.

Cutting your own wood or plastic decking requires various power tools, expertise, planning and patience. While it's a fun project for some, for others it could seem like too much work!

That's where the NRS Side Rail Racks come in. These frame components simply attach to your side rails, above the cross bars, to create an instant non-slip platform.

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Like a Captain's Dry Box, But for Smaller Rafts

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Get Your Raft Ready to Take You Fishing

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You Are Going to Need WAY More Straps Than You Think!

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Salamander Bat Wrap

See You On the River

If you made it this far, we hope you now have a dialed-in rig and are eager to get out there.

Still have questions about getting your raft just right? Our Gear Experts are ready to help!

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