AIRE Cub Self-Bailing Raft

Color: Lime
Style: Laced Floor
Sale price$3,574.00

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New for 2020, the AIRE Cub Self-Bailing Raft was built to be the ultimate river playboat. At around 10.5 feet long this is a sporty and nimble raft. Accommodating a 2-3 person paddle team for high-adrenaline technical water, this rowdy little raft is sure to be an exciting ride.

•Favorite rivers: Any river with fun surf waves or skinny technical water
•Ideal for: Up to a 3 person paddle team
•Quick self-bailing, lace-in floor
•Add a strap-in thwart or two anywhere along the floor lacing for paddle teams
•37 oz. double lacquer gray PVC on the raft bottom for extra resistance to abrasion.

Measurements + Dimensions
Length 10'7"
Width 5'2"
Bow Rise 7"
Stern Rise 7"
Weight 61 lbs.
Tube Diameter 18"
2" Waterline 87"
Interior Width (center) 26"
Interior Depth 11"
Materials + Features
Valve Type Leafield
Base Fabric Denier 1670
Material Weight 37 oz./sq. yd.
AIREcell Material Urethane
Self-Bailing Yes
Chambers 3
D-Rings 8
Handles 0
Warranty 10 Year No-Fault
Frame Sizing
Recommended Frame Length 54"
Minimum Frame Width 48"

•Raft collar
•Floor lacing rope (unlaced models)
•Full repair kit
•Owner's manual
•Thwarts sold separately

AIRE raft floors are attached to the tubes by lacing them in with rope. The "Unlaced" models do not come with the floor pre-installed but include the rope you'd need to do it yourself.

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