NRS Raft Frame Base

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The NRS Raft Frame Base by CKS combines NRS Cross Bars, NRS Side Rails, and the NRS Deluxe Foot Bar* to give you a basic frame to start building out your raft setup.

Because we use NRS parts to make these Frame Bases, you always have the option to add on additional pieces later (such as seats, casting platforms, or an extra crossbar) to transform your frame to match different rowing styles. Additionally, we prefer these setups to those that use a standard foot bar, as the deluxe foot bar gives you more options to rig gear into the bay immediately in front of you.

This frame base is the perfect platform to build a raft frame that is unique to you. Combine this with our Oar Tower Combo Package and Raft Seat Combo Package to complete your setup! Alternatively, you can opt for a cooler or dry box instead of a seat to sit on while you row.

NRS frames are popular because they are hyper-modular and you can add or remove parts to adapt your frame to fit your needs. When combined with the Oar Tower Combo Package and Raft Seat Combo Package, the NRS Raft Frame Base gives you more options than other frames on the market allowing you to get what is right for you.

When choosing the amount of bays you need, keep in mind that your feet and foot bar occupy one bay of your frame, so when an option says "2 Bay" that means there is one bay for your feet and one bay to rig a cooler, dry box, or drop-bag.

All items in this combo package can be purchased individually for the same pricing. Frames ship disassembled.

*Rafts that require 48" wide cross bars are too narrow to accommodate the Deluxe Foot Bar. Because of this, 48" frame options come with the NRS Standard Foot Bar instead.

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