NRS Frame Foot Bar with LoPro's and U-bolts

Size: 48"
Sale price$127.95

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The NRS Frame Foot Bar with Low Pros provides a convenient place to plant your feet against your raft frame for more effective oar strokes. The low pro fittings on this lightweight aluminum foot bar provides the opportunity to adjust on the fly without compromising the shape of the bay in front of it that might hold a cooler or dry box.

The NRS Foot Bar only bolts to other NRS components, or light-duty (LD) frame gauge from Down River Equipment. It is adjustable with a frame tool or ratchet tool.

Pro Tip

Certain frames don't need foot bars. If you are building a frame for a paddle-cat, for instance, you can brace off the front thwart, rather than a foot bar. We recommend using them starting around 60" wide Frames if your front bar is a straight bar.

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