Hyside Mini-Max Self-Bailing Raft

Color: Blue
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The Hyside Mini-Max is quite possibly the most iconic 10'6" boat on the market. Imitated by most other brands, the Mini-Max is known for its ability to run big lines, despite its small size. In the hands of a skilled paddler (or R2 team), the Mini-Max absolutely crushes Class V lines that are typically only run by kayakers!

The versatile Mini-Max is a favorite among all types of boaters. It'll take a two-bay frame that gives just enough space for a couple of days worth of personal gear for overnights, or it can be set up as a nimble two-person fishing rig!

Many folks who own this boat boast its convenient size for storage and its lightweight Hypalon construction. When rolled up, this boat is small enough to fit in the trunk of a sedan and at 70 pounds can be manhandled around by one person pretty easily at the put-in. If you really want a boat but logistically don't really have a place to keep one, this boat is a solid choice!

Whether you're buying your first boat, or adding to your quiver, the Mini-Max is bound to be your new favorite play raft! 

*Neo = Neoprene Fabric. This is still a rubber boat but the fabric has a neoprene coating that varies from Hypalon. The most significant difference is that Neo fabrics are unable to be dyed, and only come in black.*



10' 6"

Exterior Width:

5' 2"

Interior Width:


Tube Diameter:



70 Lbs

Bow & Stern Kick: 


Tube Straight Run:


Recommended Frame Size:

56"L x 44"W

 *All Hysides are handmade - Dimensions vary 3-5%


Fabric: Base: Hypalon Coated 1680 Denier Nylon Fabric
Urethane Bottom Chafers and Preventative Wear Patch
Handles: 2 (One Front, One Back)
Seam Finishing: Triple Bonded Seams
Floor Type: Self-Bailing Standard
Thwarts: 2 (Hinge & Pin Attachment System)
Valve Type: Leafield C7
Air Chambers: 5 (Includes Thwarts and Floor)
D-Rings: 8


Pro Tip: If R1 is your thing, this boat is for you! The slender profile makes this boat track very well with one paddler, and the high bow kick gives it a lot of pop over big waves and hits. 

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