NRS Otter 120D Self-Bailing Raft

Color: Alpin Blue
Sale price$4,500.00


The NRS Otter 120D features diminished tubes and a short side-run that gives this boat a lot of room in the front and back for only being 12'3" in length. It's an ideal gear boat for variable flow and bony rivers like Arizona's Salt River and when equipped with an NRS fishing frame, it makes a great small-river fishing boat as well with plenty of room for casting decks and frame accessories! This is also an excellent boat for up to five paddlers.

The Pennel Orca material that Otter Series rafts are made out of is essentially the same thing as Hypalon, marketed under a different brand name, and it has superior abrasion and puncture resistance versus other rubbers or plastics. If this boat is well taken care of, it will easily last over 20 years. The Otter 120D is a solid investment for any boater looking for a quality raft that performs well in all areas of boating.

Pro Tip

The design of this boat definitely leans towards being frame-focused, either for gear or for fishing. It can take a paddle team but the shorter length of the side tubes versus other Otter designs reduces your crew size to about 5 paddlers max, including the guide. If you are looking for a boat that is more oriented for both paddle rafting and rowing, look at the Otter 130 instead!

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