Down River Duffel Bag

Size: SM
Sale price$54.95


When it comes to transporting wet gear, a standard enclosed duffel bag is a recipe for mold and stench. Made with breathable Multi-Mesh fabric and reinforced with our UV-resistant webbing, the Down River Duffel Bag gives your gear the fresh air it needs to keep your gear hygienic while being transported. Updated in 2017 with reinforced seams, handles and a burly zipper, this bag is tough. The design of these bags allows your wet gear to dry quickly which eliminates odor and river rot. Perfect for storing straps, sunscreen, helmets, PFDs and more! The Down River Duffel Bag is not just limited to use on the river. They make a great gym bag or day bag for anything that needs to stay nice and aerated.

  • Small: 16" Length x 10" Diameter
  • Medium: 26" Length x 14" Diameter
  • Large: 34" Length x 15" Diameter
  • PFD: 36" x 22" x 18"

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