Down River Deluxe Umbrella Holder

Frame Size: 1.25" LD
Umbrella Diameter: 1.25"
Sale price$102.95

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The Down River Deluxe Umbrella Holder fits on virtually any frame and allows you to pivot your umbrella angle to match the sun. The Deluxe version is upgraded from the Standard version with an extra pivot point to allow you to change the angle of the umbrella. The Down River Deluxe Umbrella Holder is super easy to use, just drill and pin your choice of umbrella, and voila! Shade!

For a version that is quick and easy to remove without disassembling your frame, check out the Modular version.

  • The 1.25 LD Pipe fits NRS frames and Down River LD frames
  • The 1.5 XD Pipe fits Down River XD frames

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