NRS HDPE Frame Casting Platform

Size: Small - 48"
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The NRS HDPE Frame Casting Platform is the ideal choice for an angler that wants a professional-grade casting deck that is probably better than anything they could build themselves. NRS has fine-tuned this casting platform over several years - and the updated version is the most riverproof and weatherproof option on the market.

This casting platform is made of high-density plastic, rather than the previous versions that were made from Marine Plywood. This material won't soak up water or rot like wood. The decking has a grippy finish that ensures that you wont slip when it's wet.

  • The platform is made from our 3/4" high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. The raised pattern slip-resistant surface givxes you excellent footing, even when wet.
  • HDPE doesn't absorb water, is low maintenance and perfect for your fishing adventures.
  • The platform has been enlarged and shaped to give you more standing area.
  • Available in three sizes, to accommodate boat with different frame sizes.
  • The Small - 48" casting platform is for boats with 48" wide frames.
  • The Small - 54" casting platform is for boats with 54" wide frames.
  • The Large casting platform is for boats with 60" wide or larger frames.
  • Clamps with our LoPro™ Frame Fittings to an Angler Seat Bar for a custom casting location.
  • Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat, the LoPro is the heart of the NRS frame system.
  • The slot in the end of the platform allows you to secure the platform to a raft D-ring for even more solid footing.
Casting Platform Sizes:
  • Small - 48" wide frames
  • Small - 54" wide frames
  • Large - for 60" wide and larger frames
  • Small - 15.8 lbs.
  • Large - 21.5 lbs.
Material: 1 5/8" 6063-T6 Anodized Aluminum Frame Pipe
Included Components:
  • 1 - HDPE Platform
  • 4 - NRS Frame Pipes with LoPro Fittings
  • 4 - U-bolts with nuts and washers
  • 2 - Rubber Frame Plugs

Small - 48" x 19 3/4" 11 1/2" x 18" 20 1/2" 12"
Small - 54" x 19 3/4" 11 1/2" x 18" 20 1/2" 12"
Large x 23" 12" 21 1/2" 27" 27" 12"

Pro Tip - The NRS HDPE Frame Casting Platform is a component of a three-part fishing system for the front of rafts. It must be attached to the NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar to be installed on your frame properly. Angler Seat Bar not included.

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