NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with Lopros

Size: 48"
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The NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's is the base component for NRS's nose-mount fishing system. The Frame Angler Seat Bar allows for the addition of a raised fixed or swivel-style seat, and also provides a place to attach the NRS HDPE Front Casting Deck. Add or remove this system from your frame by loosening two LoPro fittings, meaning that your boat isn't always committed to being set up for fishing - but it can be! 


  • Hole patterns on the seat mount can be used with High-Back Swivel Seat or Padded Raft Seats.
  • Includes U-bolts, nuts and washers for attaching the LoPros™ to side rails and the Universal Seat Mount to the seat bar.
  • Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat, the LoPro is the heart of the NRS frame system.
  • Because of the elevated seating position and probable lack of good foot bracing, use caution when the boat is negotiating rapids.
Weight 72" is 8.2 lbs.
Material 1 5/8" 6063-T6 Anodized Aluminum Frame Pipe
Included Components
  • 1 - Universal Seat Mount
  • 1 - Angler Seat Bar
  • 2 - LoPro Fittings
  • 4 - U-bolts with nuts and washers
  • This bar is not for whitewater use.

48" 14" 6 3/4"
54" 15" 7 3/4""
60" 17" 8"
66" 17" 8"
72" 17" 8"


Pro Tip: Always keep a frame wrench handy when using these NRS frame accessories. Checking the tightness of all LoPro fittings once your on the water is a good idea to be sure that everything stays tight and rapid-ready! 

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