2013 Jackson All Star Review with Clay Wright

2013 Jackson All Star Interview with Clay Wright

Jackson_All_Star_Review_Clay_Wright_Boat_Fast_Hull Ripping in the new All Star. If it's surfing that you're into, this is the boat for you.
The new 2013 Jackson All Star arrived a little while ago. Since Colorado is a frozen tundra, with no accessible rivers, we turned to Clay Wright to get as much info as we could. Here's what he had to say: 1.) Who's idea was it to come out with a new version of the All Star? EJ's of course... he directs every boat given the feedback from Team, JK ''Comments'' and regional chat room comments from paddlers, and the feedback we hear from our friends and customers along our travels. 2.) Tell us about the technical design specs for all of the tech geeks out there - rails, outfitting including seat height, hull, volume displacement, width, bow and stern, etc... Compared to the Rockstar Medium the 2013 All-star has a gallon more volume, it's an inch and a half longer, the drop-chine is a bit lower, it's got half inch lower knees, same overall rocker but spread out more across this longer boat so it feels like less. 3.) What are the key differences between the Rock Star and All Star? Who would want to get the All Star and not the Rock Star? When do you all (team paddlers) paddle the All Star and not Rock Star? The Rockstar was based on the 2010 All-star, improved with higher stern volume, higher seating position so we could put more volume into an easy to toss around boat, and a bit more planing surface to be looser and more retentive. The drawback with that was some paddlers didn't like sitting up higher, didn't adapt to the changes in rolling so even though the boat was better in most every way. 4.) Why would someone want to choose the All Star instead of other comparable play boats (including even the Rock Star)? If you are in between our normal sizes, the 2013 All-star series is right up your alley. At half a size bigger the Star can fit someone up to 155 and the All-star up to 200 lbs. Design wise, if you want to do flatwater pool work or sticky pourovers either size down, or get the Rockstar. But if you like to surf waves and run rivers this new All-star is another step forwards. With the volume more spread out it's easier to keep the ends on the surface during ferries or in boily water and the lower rocker profile translates to WAY more speed as well as a looser, 'floatier' feeling hull. It's the fastest playboat we've ever made plus it carves like a much longer, edgier boat. 5.) What tricks are fun in the all star, and what genres of freestyle does it excel in? Where is the boats sweet spot in regards to freestyle. This new All-star excels at throwing BIG loops of course, like all our boats, and while the extra length requires a bit more effort to snap it down the extra volume and linear 'wedge' shape of the bow just throws you out of the water. I think the very best improvement in the All-star would be simple surfing though... the whole boat sits higher on the water so it planes out quickly and goes way faster because of the reduced stern rocker. Edge a bit and the longer rail sinks to send you across the feature as hard as you hold it down... so for some reason I find myself just carving all over the waves more than just trying tricks because it's a ''new'' sensation of speed and control which makes simple surfing more fun.

Here's a chance to win a top shelf All Star package with everything you need to get shredding at your favorite play spot.

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