WRSI Trident Helmet - Interview With Nick Turner

WRSI Trident Review / Interview

1.) What features does the Trident have that make it a superior helmet? The Trident features a 3 Layer Interior which helps disperse the blows before they reach the heads. The Trident has the Interconnect Retention System which holds the helmet in place under hydraulic forces. 2.) Why get a Trident over a Strutter, or even a carbon fiber T dub? The 3 Layer Impact Absorbing Interior and Interconnect retention system. WRSI is also wind powered and striving to be waste free. 3.) What is it about the construction process that makes the Trident a safe helmet? The Trident is made of a carbon outer shell, shock absorbing foam then a plastic interior shell and more shock absorbent foam next to the head. The dual-shell technology helps absorb impacts. 4.) As far as adjustments go, what specific features does the Trident have that give it a good fit? The Trident has the Interconnect Retention System which allows the entire strap system to work together to provide a tight fit. The Trident also comes with 9 large fit pads that can be placed around the entire helmet below the large interior pad that smooths it out. 5.) The same goes with comfort. What specific features does the Trident have to make it comfortable? Softer EVA foam and comfortable fabric next to the head allow for comfort and cooling. 6.) Who designed it (in house design or help from team members)? It has a look of it's own, which is really unique for an industry where so many companies just copy ideas that other companies have... The Trident was designed in-house by our design team. 7.) Are there any changes for the 2013 Trident that we should know about? 2013 Tridents will feature the same quality construction of the 2012 Trident.
WRSI_Trident_Helmet_Review_Eric_Jackson EJ's got his custom graphic Trident - ripping at Rock Island.
WRSI_Trident_Helmet_Review_Jeff_Snyder_Squirting Squirt boat legend Jeff Snyder.
WRSI_Trident_Helmet_Review_Caldwell Because of the dual shell technology, the Trident is a good helmet for difficult whitewater.

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