5 Things Kayakers Should Keep In Their Life Jackets

We've all heard about carrying a watch, a whistle, and a knife with you down the river, but what about items to store inside your rescue vest? Besides sunscreen, chapstick, and extra snacks, what else should kayakers pack in their lifejacket?

Here are our team's top recommendations
Small Pin Kit - 3 Carabiners +
Webbing + Prussik Cord
You shouldn’t keep a pin kit for
your kayak in your kayak - if
your kayak gets pinned, well,
you then can’t get your pin kit.
Also, familiarize yourself with
knowing how to use your pin kit.
If you are a visual learner, we
recommend learning from the
Z-Drag Crib Sheet.
 Gifts for Kayakers in your life jacket NRS Un-pin Kit
NRS Kayak Un-Pin Kit
First Aid Kit
Make your own personal med
kit by using a 1L/XXS Sea to
Summit Dry Sack
. Include
butterfly wound closure strips,
adhesive bandages of assorted
sizes, sterile gauze pads,
cohesive elastic wrap/bandage
roll, insect-sting relief, Neosporin,
antiseptic cleansing wipes,
ibuprofen, mini tweezers,
safety pins.
Paddler's Medical Kit
Paddler Medical Kit


Extra Noseplugs
You won’t know that you’ll need
these until you need these, so
go ahead and grab an extra pair.
It’s great to carry an extra pair of
noseplugs in your pfd in case
the pair on my helmet gets
pulled off. 

Cottonmouth Noseplugs

As a kayaker, protecting your ears is really important. Earplugs are great to store and hold inside your PFD until you need to use them - usually when you begin playboating/surfing or if you’re in big water where swimming is a possibility.

 Doc's Pro Plugs
Salamander Ear Plugs
Tow Tether

Keep a tow tether inside your PFD until you need it. Most rescue PFDs offer a ton of storage room, the additional tow tether shouldn’t add too much extra bulk. Plus, you can feel safe knowing you have a rescue tool close to you without risking inadvertently clipping the carabiner on the end of the tether to something in the river. 

Astral Web Toe Tether
NRS Tow Tether 53"
 Kokatat River Toe Tether

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