Sterling Prusik Cord

Size: 4mm
Style: Per Foot
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A classic item found in the PFD of any dedicated paddler, among whitewater paddlers prusik cord is most commonly used to assist with Z-drags.

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As a brake line for a Z-drag, select the cord thickness roughly 1/2 of the diameter of the rope you are using. Also useful in other tie-down applications, or for rescue scenarios with advanced rope work.

  • 6 mm (0.236 in.) Prusik Cord (1,978 lb. tensile strength)
  • 5 mm (0.197 in.) Prusik Cord (1,169 lb. tensile strength)
  • 4 mm (0.157in.) Accessory Cord (1,034 lb. tensile strength)

Sold by the foot, select the quantity based on the number of feet you need and we will ship you one piece of cord in the length specified.

*Cord comes in assorted colors depending on what we have available at the moment.*

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