Bailey Season Warm Up
Here it comes! Each day the weather gets a little warmer, and, little by little, the water levels rise. As many runs are still inaccessible due to high snow levels in the mountain passes, we wanted to find some water other than the local runs, but we couldn't make too long of a trip because two of our crew members, Mark Reed and Miles Small, had to work the next day. So, we learned that Bailey (North Fork of the South Platte) is good to run down to 160cfs and it was running at 250. It turns out that a run on Bailey at 250cfs is a perfect low-water class IV/V- season warm up. Check out some pictures!
Aubrie and I dinkin' around at the put in
4 Falls scout (Mark, Miles and I) Aubrie on the bottom section of 4 Falls Mark on the bottom section of 4 Falls Checkin' out Supermax Ready for takeoff on the bottom of Supermax (AKA Tampax) Mark riding the pillow on the bottom of Supermax Mark on the last drop of Supermax Miles, gettin' wicked This is what Miles does when he gets excited... BOOF! Aubrie cleaning Tampax!
There are three or four other rapids (not pictured) that should be scouted if you're new to the run, including Deer Creek Rapid, so take care and scout the blind corners. A Colorado guidebook will inform you more fully on the put in, take out, and rapids worth looking at. Beware of the top sections of 4 Falls and Supermax! Fil Payne

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