Ashlu - Box Canyon
On Joe's cue I thought I would post up some more pictures of a run of the highest quality that is still flowing just fine and likely will until the first snowflakes fly. One might even say this run inspired my motivation to leave the high desert that is Colorado for the land of plenty of water and mushroom foraging if you're into that sort of thing. The Box needs no introduction if you paid any attention to TRL the past few years and while its dammed and it breaks my heart every time I see the lake when the box is flowing (read most weekends in (April/May/August/September) its still as good as it always was and as a consolation we know have a gauge for the run so we know when to stop drinking our mocha frapachino double tall skinny latte and go kayaking...Enjoy.

The opener 50/50. From my observations the double waterfall is more like 30/70 in the less desirable direction.

This guy should teach a boof clinic for RiverWrangler

The preferred outcome to Kernage

The less preferred outcome to Kernage

Entrance to the second canyon and cross current boof bliss.

The Green may run 300 days out of the year but you don't get views like this the Southeast

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