Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash Review

Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash Review

It seems like it was just yesterday that there was only one type of river specific SUP board available, and no real accessories to go with it, except for maybe a paddle. Following a sport that's in it's infancy is interesting. New SUP accessories arrive weekly here at the CKS warehouse. Everything from MP3 player / hydration systems to flexi rock bashable fins are now available, which makes the sport much more user friendly, and fun to learn. The Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt and Coiled leash is an item that should be on ANY river SUP'ers list of essentials. It's one of the first river specific breakaway SUP leash systems that does not require having a rescue PFD, or being permanently attached to your SUP board (which can be EXTREMELY dangerous in certain downriver situations). Basically, this leash system, attaches to the board and to a quick release belt(included). The paddler is able to set the tension on the quick release (through a Velcro slider), which determines how much force will be required for it to be broken apart. You can also just pull the quick release belt buckle (like a regular rescue vest), and escape from your board with the flick of a wrist. Pretty simple and clever system.



  • The actual Velcro breakaway system is simple, clean and VERY effective.Basically, you determine how much Velcro you want to be compressed in the "sandwich". The more Velcro that's in there, the stronger the attachment. The same holds true for having less Velcro attached. If you're on a shallow, manky downriver run, and think there's a good chance that you'll swim, and get caught up in rocks or other debris, then set the system on the loose setting. If your at Glenwood surfing in heavy current, and know that there are not very many rocks or strainers, make it tight. You can always pop out via the QR belt harness if you need to.
  • Super easy to put on. The quick release belt is a one size fits all system.
  • Attaches to the board at the same location that you would attach a surf leash.
  • The leash has 2/3rds coil, and 1/3rd leash, that is 4' long. It fully extends to 10'. This is a great feature because the leash does not drag in the water when you are paddling. 10' of leash is a lot to deal with if it is dragging in the water all day, and getting in the way of your paddle and feet.
  • There's no need for a rescue PFD. The Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coil attaches to your waist, and not a rescue vest QR system.
  • Great for advanced and difficult paddling. The more you fall off of the board, the more you will like this system. It's the best of both worlds. It's sturdy, and keeps your board close by when you want it there, and also can let the board go when you want to get to shore sans SUP.


  • The Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt and Coiled Leash costs about $10-$15 more than a traditional SUP or surf leash. It has a QR belt too, which justifies the extra cost.
  • This is a brand new item for us. The water in Colorado is pretty low right now, which means that we haven't really had time to do long term testing. It looks super cool though, and works really well in the BV play park.

The Verdict:

The Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash is a necessity for a river stand up paddler that does not have a rescue PFD. Even if you do have a rescue vest, it's still something worth checking out. It's one of the only SUP leashes on the market that has a tension system where you can adjust how easily it comes apart. What separates this leash from the pack is the QR belt that allows ANY stand up paddler to be able to release their board at anytime. The 4' coil leash is also really nice. It does not drag at your ankles and get tangled up in your paddle and under the board. For $39.95, it retails for just a little bit more than a standard SUP leash, but has many more features. It also greatly reduces your risk of tangling with an unexpected obstacle like a tree limb or bridge abutment. Staying safe on the river is key, and The Salamander SUP Quick Release Belt & Coiled Leash is an item that will be a good friend, who is there for you when you need it.

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