Boating Fever Is Here!
With very little snow this winter, whitewater prospects look grim this season in NM. Luckily, Colorado has well above average snow pack. That means it’s road trip time! Headed up to Colorado for Paddlefest to kick the season and first day of freedom (summer vacation =D) to an awesome start. Possibility of staying in Salida/BV for the month, making side trips to Crested Butte, and anywhere else with good flows. Check out the scene at FIBArk and have my golden retriever compete in the crazy river dog contest. Then I go to Ottowa to the Keeners Kayak Camp for 3 weeks in July for my sweet sixteen. Super psyched about meeting young paddlers and getting topnotch instruction!

Then it’s back to NM to assist with the local Explorer Post. I help beginners with rolling, etc. and get them stoked about kayaking!
Then I return to PreCalc, Bio, Econ, and Marching Band, etc. and see how much shenanigans I can get into before going to GORE Race!!!!!!! Raced last year and ran it the year before. Both years it was one of my highlights of the season. The first year I ran it was in my Jackson 2 Fun and that was really exciting. I swam out of Toilet Bowl but it was great; the kayaking part, not the swimming part. Last year I ran it in my Villain S and it was a much smoother and quicker ride.
Goals this year: get as much creeking in as possible in preparation for the Rio Embudo next season! Meet as many new boaters as possible, learn as much as I can, and have a total blast!
Tunnel in the 2 Fun

Put in at Gore

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