Chilean Patagonia update from Raul Buenaventura
This quick update comes to you from our dear friend, ex CKS employee and Squad member Raul Buenaventura. He is a great guy full of information for anyone that wishes to travel to South America for any reason. Chilean Patagonia I had just arrived to the FU (Futaleufu) that day, paddled the bridge to bridge section, got a great ride on Pistola and was as happy as a man can be. But it was one of those days where we had a surprise and we where all into some adventure, we drove for 17 hours, made a decision over Sierra Morena (Rum) and Coke the night before and we arrived to the Baker. The most amazing river you’ve ever seen. The turquoise color just astonishes you and you can feel that a long time ago the Patagones (Large feet) lived in this area. The days couldn’t be better; we camped next to the river and kayaked all day. We crossed that bridge and there we where in this 3 meter wave, which you had to ferry all across the river to catch! It was Sergio Vidal, Nicolas Buenaventura, Jose Romero and Raul Buenaventura, Chilean kayakers, just throwing down in the beautiful Baker. All my best, if you need any information about Chile, don’t hesitate to contact me. Here are some photos of this beautiful area.

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