Creekin in Crested Butte
Now that it has finally stopped snowing in Crested Butte (atleast for the moment), it's a good time to head out there to enjoy the sunshine, mosquitos, and classic CB creeks you can now hike to without trudging through snow up to your knees.

Here are some pics from our last trip.

Laura "the Jorgisaurus" Jorgenson boofing the 2nd Fat Chick
Source of the Eagle (I guess on the way to CB)

Mike "DBag" Holliday Manking Homestake (getting closer to CB)

DBag on Oh-Be's Big One

Scott "Meathead" Andrews stomping Oh-Be-Joyful

Taking out of the Upper East scenary...awwww

Mr. David Strauss cleaning up Daisy Creek

Strauss flying off Big Woody Falls

I'm trying to avoid Ripping my Head Off on Daisy Creek

Mike stomping Rip Yer Head Off

Mr. Strauss paddling the Slate River

Good times were had by all, but if you are looking to save money by not spending absurd amounts of your paycheck on overpriced gas here are a couple of words of wisdom: -Don't try driving to the Punchbowls in a 2-wheel drive sedan... you're not going to make it... not even to the Double Drop..don't try -The big piece of wood in the Middle Fork of the Ruby the guide book warns about IS still there.. and a couple more (to say the least) have accompanied doesn't run

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