Our Favorite Gear for River Camp

Big Frequent paddlers know that a successful river trip requires the appropriate gear. Once you've packed your food, rigged your raft, and acquired all of the necessary safety gear, you'll want to make sure that you have a reliable camp chair, an extra table, and more gear to make river camp as comfortable as possible. 

Our gear experts at CKS Online have reviewed their 8 favorite river camp must-haves.

1. Grand Trunk TrunkTech Double Hammock

Grand Trunk TrunkTech Double Hammock

Yeah, cowboy camping is cool and all but suspending yourself mid-air for a snooze is elite. Even though this Double Hammock gives you more space than you could ever outright imagine, it packs down surprisingly small. It's our #1 "throw-it-in-the-bag-because-who-knows-we-may-use-it" piece of gear on this list. 

2. Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair

Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair

This chair is super duper lightweight! It can compact to a very small size, making it easy to bring along on any river trip. Plus, it's incredibly stable for how small it is. 

3. NRS Campsite Counter

NRS Campsite Counter

The NRS Campsite Counter is a perfect piece of gear for the boat and for camp! It serves a dual purpose as an excellent piece of decking while on the water, as well as being an excellent camp table that you don't have to worry about collapsing or tipping over on you!

4. Big Agnes Deep Creek Tarp

Big Agnes Deep Creek Tarp

Whether it's pouring rain or the sun is beating down on you, shelter and shade coverage is essential in all types of weather. This tarp system from Big Agnes is intuitive to set up, offers enough height to prevent cook crew from constantly bending over at the neck, and will stay put if any wind comes your way. 

5. Big Agnes Mtnglow Tent Lights

Big Agnes Mtnglow Tent Lights

These tent lights are an awesome upgrade for your current camping situation. They provide a soft, ambient light that is more welcomed than the harsher LEDs of a headlamp, especially if you want to wind down in your tent or need to get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. 

6. AIRE Landing Pad

AIRE Landing Pad

Ah, old reliable. We love, love, love the AIRE Landing Pads at CKS Online. They're quality materials, they're durable. They're great for sitting on the bow of a boat. They're great for stacking and creating a slip n' slide at the beach. They're comfortable. They require literally no work to inflate, and deflation is just as simple. Seriously, we love this product. 

7. Big Agnes Torchlight Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Torchlight Sleeping Bag

Just an outstanding product from an outstanding company. Big Agnes knows their stuff. The quality is, as always, incomparable.

We love this bag because it gives you more adjustability and comfort than a standard sleeping bag. Featuring expandable shoulder and foot panels, the Torchlight prevents you from feeling constricted like a traditional Mummy bag. Ideal for side sleepers, restless sleepers, or anyone who wants a more comfortable sleep on the river

8. CG Gear Sand Free Multimat

CG Gear Sand Free Multimat

Whether you're a sand embracer or a sand detester, the CG Sand Multi Mats are a must-have on any river or camping trip. Sand belongs on the beach, not your sleep kit!


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