Garet Strouse Reviews The Pyranha Molan

  • Name: Garet Strouse
  • Hometown: Urbana MD
  • Favorite River(s): Potomac, Upper Yough, Cheat Canyon
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 140
  • Ability level: 30 footers are nothing
  • Days spent on the H20 per year: 110+
  • Favorite food: Cheesecake
  • What's the first song on your favorite iPod playlist: Blue Monday (New Order)


I rented a medium Molan from CKS this summer while on vacation and decided to try it out on the Buena Vista Whitewater Park. I have been paddling whitewater boats (kayaks and canoes) since I was 5 (now 17). I teach whitewater kayaking during the summer and get to try out several different boats. I normally prefer river running/creeking to playboating and paddle the Remix. It felt good to use a playboat and the Molan performed beyond my expectations. It spins very well and I found myself throwing tricks that I had never done before. I feel that I can attribute this to the Molan, it just felt right. Unfortunately I had to return it because of a thunderstorm.


  • Spins easily and rotates very fast!
  • Super easy to roll
  • Very smooth curves which allow you to easily initiate moves and link them together
  • The rails allow good control and are pretty forgiving
  • Good volume in the bow and stern
  • Comfortable outfitting (although not as comfortable as Liquid Logic boats)
  • Cool color combination's


  • Got chased off the water by a thunderstorm (**The Molan is called the servant of the storm after all**)

The Verdict:

Overall the Molan is the best playboat that I have ever paddled. It's smooth curves, rails, and added volume in the bow and stern make the Molan an extremely agile boat that spins with ease and has the ability to throw massive tricks. It is a good boat for any level of playboating and I wish I had one.

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