A week after "roughing it" at the Oh-be campground eating hotdog macaroni and swatting mosquitos, the Ledyard graduates headed down to Durango for homemade meals, showers, beds, mountain biking, and a lil bit of creeking. Thanks to Alfie's parents for their kind hospitality and Nate for fearlessly leading us so we didn't unsuspectingly fall of Adrenaline Falls like the staff at Four Courners said we would.
Alfie's Picture Perfect Line off Adrenaline Falls on 1st Gorge Lime
Notice where his hands are
Notice where the paddle is
The paddle was stuck for 20 minutes

Connor threw his paddle to save us the hassle of de-wedging it

No paddle makes rolling tough

Best line... You judge

Scottie Hucking the System on South Mineral Creek

Mike Shish-ka-bobbing his way down to the Cauldron on South Mineral Creek

Mike running the 1st tier of Ice Lakes Creek after using his space-physics degree to find a super slick sketch put-in

Running the third tier switch....intentionally....after intentionally trying to punch the hole on the 2nd tier sideways

Jakes Greenthincrum cleaning up Ice Lakes for the 3rd time The crew floating down the Upper Animas Mike & I bumperboating down a Uncompaghe roadside quickie

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