The Liquid Logic CR (Cross River) series was developed to appeal to the boater looking to own only 1 boat. Styling class IV rapids, playing at the local hole and staying comfortable all day on the river are features that the CR 250 can do with ease. The Specs: Length - 6'9" Width - 25.75" Cockpit - 33" x 20 " (Large Deck Size) Volume - 65 gallons Boat Weight - 33 lbs. Max. Foot Size - Size 14 Max. inseam - 34/36" Paddler weight range - 180-250 lbs. Outfitting: All of the CR series are equipped with BAO (Bad Ass Outfitting), which is considered one of the boat's best attributes. The seat, hips and backband are all padded with a comfortable material that dries very easily. The backband is stiff, supportive and has a bombproof ratchet system built to take abuse (rodeo paddlers will appreciate this). One great feature that this boat offers is its ease of adjustment. The seat and thigh braces move for and aft without having to disassemble any of the boat. This can be particularly helpful for families and instructional institutions that have more than one paddler using the same boat. The "Cone of Comfort" is also a great addition to the CR 250. It is a foam cone that inserts into bow of the boat protecting your feet from the plastic on the inside of the hull. There are also foam foot blocks that have a Velcro strap to hold them together. After carving your foot foam, insert it into the cone and your ready to go boatin'!



Pros: The CR series uses a spin disc hull and has lots of kick rocker on the ends of the boat. This means that the hull breaks free of the water easily and is very loose on a wave. It also has a softened edge that allows for predictable carving on a wave without feeling too edgy. The ends of the boat are thin and cartwheel, squirt and stall with confidence. The midsection of the boat has a significant amount of volume, giving retentiveness in a hole and also allowing advanced paddlers to initiate aerial moves with ease. Cons: Taller (6'+) paddlers have commented that their shins rub on the part of the boat that connects the midsection to the bow. This happens particularly when playing. Also, since the CR 250 has a significant amount of rocker on the ends and a flat bottom, there is a loss of hull speed when compared to other river runners such as the Liquid Logic Remix. This is however a small trade off considering that this boat is capable of running class IV rapids and also plays with the best of them.


Pros: Lots of rocker, volume and primary stability equate to predictable downriver paddling. The ends of the boat are high enough out of the water allowing for smooth eddying. The wide, flat hull offers great primary stability and 65 gallons of space make for a comfortable ride when spending a long day on the river. The CR 250 would make a great Grand Canyon (big water) boat for the mid / large size play boater. Cons: The CR 250 takes a little getting used to at first. It has great primary stability, but it's secondary stability can be a little bit tippy. Make sure that you have a solid brace, or else you might spend a fair amount of time upside down. The CR is also slower than many river runners because of the flat spin disc hull and kick rocker at the bow and stern. The Verdict: To sum it up.......Downriver play for the one boat world. The CR 250 is a comfortable free ride boat that is predictable and stable. It is also capable of pulling off most play moves in style. The CR leans more on the play boating side of the spectrum rather than the river running end, making it a little bit sluggish at times (sluggish downriver = easy to turn/spin). The outfitting is top quality, and the color selection is diverse as well (check out the Pearl Surfer and the Chopper graphics). We have a plenty of these boats in stock (both demos and for sale) in all 3 sizes (80,125,250). Click here to order one today.

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