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Hooliganism refers to unruly, destructive, aggressive and bullying behaviour. Such behaviour is commonly associated with sports fans. The term can also apply to general rowdy behaviour and vandalism, often under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. (According to Wikipedia)
For those of you who have not experienced the FiBARK Hooligans race here's a short explaination. It doesn't seem that there are any rules other than the craft can't be an actual approved waterway craft. Check. Zero crafts this year would have been coastguard approved. It's kind of a get your constructed floatation to the water and cruise past thousands of screaming spectators as you sink, swim, surf, backflip, burn down, and crash into the downtown bridge. Entrants are heckled by announcers PT Wood and Mike Harvey if a craft looks too much like a pool toy or lacks creativity. "We like the tall craft, the thing that crashes into the bridge. We also like things we've never seen before... These people have no regard for their personal lives, their health, kind of the bottom of the barrel when it comes to self-preservation." The announcers laugh.
That's about it. Let's check out the photos.

Hands Down Crowd Favorite, "The Natural Disasters."

Thank you event sponsors: New Belgium Beer, Subaru, and Colorado Kayak Supply.

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