First Impressions - Liquidlogic RMX 96 Whitewater Kayak

Not just a replacement to the beloved Remix series, the Liquidlogic RMX is Liquidlogic's take on a modern river running creeker and I believe they have hit the nail on the head!

RMX 96 Heaps of Bow Rocker

"For the floaters and the precise boaters" - Jonny Ortiz

Falling in between the Scorch and Code in terms of sharpness, sportiness and attitude. The RMX is the right amount of edge to get the job done for the aggressive paddlers, yet soft enough to get by with some floating and reactive paddling.  It is definitely a kayak for the floaters and precise boaters as it has the right traits for both types of paddlers. 

The first thing you notice about the RMX is its massive bow rocker. Similar to the Scorch X or Waka Steeze, this thing keeps your face dry and inspires confidence in hard whitewater, knowing that your bow is riding high and dry through even the stoutest holes. 

Don't be too worried about the rail or edge, it is high enough out of the water that it takes a bit of work to edge and get it to engage. A good trait for creeking, setting boat tilt on rock boofs and getting lateral momentum on slides. But it's a bit of a deterrent on bigger water as the boat does tend to spin out and need to be driven compared to its harder-edged competitors. 

RMX 96 Bottom View

All in all, for the first time in a hot minute Liquidlogic has a boat with rails that is confidence inspiring, comfortable, easy to outfit and will definitely put a smile on your face while skipping out of drops. Check out the specs below, and we've got them available for preorder on the site with the 96's due end of November and 86's coming shortly after that!

RMX 86 / 96 Specs

86 96
LENGTH 9'4" 9'6"
WIDTH 26.5" 27.25"
COCKPIT LENGTH 35.5" 35.5"
WEIGHT 51 lbs 53 lbs
VOLUME 86 gal 96 gal
OPTIMAL PADDLER WEIGHT 120-220 lbs 160-260 lbs

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