Idaho Part Duex - In search of da boof
So following our Selway float a few of us decided to sample some of Idaho's finest whitewater. I mean we were in Idaho at the peak of melt with countless options around. Why head back so early? The results of our decision was countless miles of whitewater goodness peppered with a few hot springs, a little dealing, and a lot of camping in the rain. While Idaho has more whitewater than you can shake a stick at, we did find it hard to combine the right amount of water with the right amount of gradient to sample our favorite more "da boof ". We did however find, more than a few times, the combination of a not quite enough gradient with too much water resulting in the dreaded water boof to hole beatdown...Can you say Ice Cream?

Lochsa goodness - Hillary making the best out pipeline

Not sure if this is the "brown" or the "crown" but it made me laugh
Must boof, where are the boofs, show me the boofs or I will destroy you
Hillary finding the right combination of water and gradient on Lolo Creek.
PS. come to this run with a shuttle worked out, it would be a brutal bike shuttle.

da boof!

Stay tuned for part three - Exploring how well do Idaho Rivers hold their water.

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