If I Won the Runoff Robbery... (Part 2)

First things first, you need to take the time to enter the 1st Annual CKS Runoff Robbery giveaway! It is absolutely free, no purchase necessary, no need to tag your friends or share anything on social media. Simply click the little blue box on the right side of your screen and fill in your information to enter. BOOM you are now on your way to some seriously cool giveaway items! Submit your entry by March 31st for a chance to win.

Let's dive into the prizes first--three separate giveaways means THREE chances to win depending on what type of paddle craft you are interested in. You can put your name in for any combination of prizes, and even all three if you are multi-talented!


If I won the kayak...

I've caught the half-slice fever! My older Jackson Zen, while bomber, is a little overkill for my typical class 2-3 runs that I like to putz around in, and I am admittedly not a great play boater, so getting a half-slice would make perfect sense.

The medium Antix 2.0 through A Wave on the Yampa RiverThe spring I became the fastest woman in Steamboat! It's easy to claim that title when you're the only woman in the race.


I'd ideally paddle the non-existent "shmedium" boat size. The medium Jackson Antix 2.0 is a pretty close fit for me, but definitely feels big at times. I'd be keen to try out the Liquidlogic Party Braaap instead and see how that feels.

If I won the $1,000 off a raft...

Are raft quivers a thing? I splurged on a Hyside Max 12 last fall--where was this giveaway then?! I seriously cannot say enough good things about that raft, but I guess I should focus on the actual question.

Hyside Max 12 on a frosty fall Lodore tripThe Max 12 joined us in some chilly Halloween fun through the Gates of Lodore.


My dream raft is the AIRE 146DD. I first learned to guide on an AIRE fleet so I am a bit biased, but holy cow this raft is a dream. It has the gear-hauling capacity of a 16-footer but somehow feels like you're rowing a 12-footer. Don't ask me about the physics behind this sensation... but it's the real deal. It can be hard to justify the AIRE price tag at times, but the $1000 off would really help you get one of the best rafts money can buy!

If I won the Hala Gear SUP...

I would choose the Carbon Straight Up, straight up! If I'm paddling whitewater I am usually in a raft or kayak, but on mellower days nothing beats paddling out on the lake with my pup and a beer or two. The Carbon Straight Up paddles like a hardboard yet rolls up as small as a suitcase. It's totally paw- and claw-proof and has plenty of rigging space for overnight river trips as well.

Chattahoochee Pup on Elkhead ReservoirChattahoochee loves it when we can get out on the rez and play on the beach!


The Carbon Hoss and Carbon Straight Up are basically the same SUPs but in different sizes. Since I am only 5'3" the Straight Up makes sense for me, but taller and heavier paddlers may opt for the Hoss instead.


Best of luck to those who enter! We are stoked to help build the community and we look forward to seeing YOU out on the water this season!

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