The Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian Dry Suit

(GMER) by Atom Crawford

The Kokotat Gore-Tex dry suit is one piece of gear that I am never without. From winter, to spring creeking, summertime multidays, Grand canyon excursions, this drysuit is a must have. It keeps me dry no matter what. I love it for multi days because when I take it off at night, I'm still dry and just wear my union suit around and don't need to pack an extra layer of gear. When I flail and end up swimming, it keeps me dry and safe. This happened a lot to me this year and I swear by this suit. Not only does the suit keep you dry, it is necessary if you are preforming a rescue situation in cold water. Your buddy will thank you later when you have been in chest deep, ice cold water helping them out. Need to take a swift water rescue class? This suit will make it able to enjoy what you are learning and keep you warm. My favorite piece of paddling gear period!


  • You will not get wet!
  • Pack less camp clothes because you under layers will be dry.
  • The built in bootie sock keeps the feet warm.
  • The relief zipper is oh so nice.
  • Tough and durable
  • Protects you from poison ivy while portaging
  • Kokotat stands by there product 100%


  • Pricey-but well worth it


It will keep you warm and dry. It may save your life in cold water swims. Best investment I have ever made...

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