Kayaks + Hill + Snow + Kickrer = CARNAGE!
Welcome to the 2nd annual Monarch Boatercross!

No need to hike up the course, all competitors get sled rides up to the top!

Things started out nice and mellow in the prelims....

The bottom run out of the course was supposed to be a POND SKIM. Unfortunately, one of the crew members punctured a hole in the ponds plastic lining while chipping ice in the morning. As the water drained out, a finish line kicker began to form....

The raft was a crowd favorite, and seemed like the safest way to run the course.....

As prelims led to semi-finals, competitors were going faster....

getting more competitive......

and going way bigger at the finish line kicker.

Many of the landings resulted in pile-ups of paddlers who weren't sure whether they were intact or not.

Since people were going way to big at the end, a small section of carpet was placed at the finish line to slow them down....it didn't do much.

A great day was had by all. Thanks to Monarch for an entertaining event!

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