Kokatat Stand Up Paddle Collection For 2012

Kokatat NeoCore and GORE TEX Paddle Jacket Review

Kokatat has a reputation for making Paddlesports gear of the highest level. Their focus has been on whitewater kayaking and sea kayaking equipment for a long time. Most of their line is built in Arcata, CA. The warranty that backs their products, and customer service is second to none. We are super psyched that they are beginning to build gear for Stand Up Paddling. Seeing that SUP has now been coined "the fastest growing sport in the world", it's nice that a high end brand like Kokatat building soft goods to compliment the SUP's that we carry. The GORE TEX Paddle Jacket, and NeoCore are 2 items that will be perfect for the stand up paddler. Here's the low down:

The Kokatat GORE TEX Paddle Jacket

  • The GORE TEX Paddle Jacket is built with GORE-TEX® PACLITE®, which is the lightest, most breathable and most packable GORE TEX. It is awesome for aerobic activities such as Stand Up Paddle racing, as well as other river sports like rafting, and inflatable kayaking.
  • GORE TEX is the real deal.
  • The jacket has an athletic paddling cut, and moves very well with the body. Again, this is good for sports like down river SUP racing, or even rec touring on lakes or open water. Similar to Astral PFD's, it allows for a wide range of motion while on the river.
  • There's a nice zippered, self draining pocket with a lanyard and reflective piping on the arm for small essentials.
  • All of the seams are sealed at the Kokatat factory.
  • There is a gusseted, adjustable Lycra splash color and cuffs. Lycra does not bunch up and feels nice on the skin.
  • Adjustable waist band with a smoothskin neoprene waist band.

The Kokatat NeoCore Long Sleeve Tops and Bottoms

  • NeoCore: Lightweight 0.5mm neoprene fabric features a plush polyester inner lining that is comfortable against the skin and retains less water. Combined with durable water resistant (DWR) coating on the outer surface, NewCore helps regulate body temperature by reducing the effect of evaporative heat loss.
  • 4 way stretch 86% polyester, 14% spandex outer layer for good mobility, durability, water shedding, and quick dry times.
  • 0.5mm neoprene middle layer provides thermal insulation
  • Plush polyester inner layer is comfortable against the skin and retains less water, easily enabling the user to stay more comfortable
  • Lycra underarm panels are do not bunch up and are very comfortable.
  • Paddling specific patterns.
  • Great under layer for board shorts. The NeoCore shorts offer some protection on your butt and legs, and also will keep you warmer.
  • This layer is meant to be worn under other Kokatat outer layers such as the GORE TEX Paddling Jacket. All of the seams match up, and none cross each others paths. Kokatat is known for their fit. This is a good example of Kokatat's extra attention to detail that results in a superior product.
  • Where should you use this layer? NeoCore is meant to be worn as an outer layer or under an outer layer. It will perform very well for a SUP top when the weather is nice. If it is a little bit cooler outside, it can be doubled up with the GORE TEX Paddle Jacket. It would also make a solid outer layer for rafting, inflatable kayaking or even play boating when the weather is warm.


We love being a retailer of Kokatat because it makes our customers very happy. The products last forever, and Kokatat has an incredible customer service department. When we sell a piece of gear made by these guys (and girls), we are assured that we will not have to warranty it. 10 years later, when the customer needs a repair done, Kokatat will do it with a smile on their face. Similar to Sweet Protection, the price point is pretty high. Kokatat builds their soft goods with the intent of it fitting and performing well, and lasting a long time. A great example of their commitment to being the best, is their use of GORE TEX fabric. Everyone knows that if you want to stay dry 100% of the time, you wear GORE TEX. Because of the quality of construction, you pay a little bit more for it. If you want the best, this is the brand for you. Click on the link if you want to qualify to win a Kokatat GORE TEX Paddle Jacket and NeoCore Long Sleeve Top and bottoms. It's a $2200+ SUP package with gear from the best padddlesports companies on the planet. It takes less than 30 seconds to enter: http://www.facebook.com/coloradokayaksupply?sk=app_121121694568521

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