2 Kick Ass Items That ONLY Sweet Protection Could Offer

The Sweet Protection Strutter and Shambala Product Reviews

Sweet Protection has a reputation of delivering the finest sporting equipment in the world to their consumers. The company was founded in 2000, and and began building ski and snowboard helmets, that gained the attention of the worlds top snow sports athletes such as Terje Håkonsen. Ever since then, they have sky rocketed in popularity in both the European and US markets. They currently have a snow and water sports hard good lineup, and are also venturing into the world of soft goods. Today, we are reviewing The Strutter helmet and Shambala shorts. Check out the detailed info below!

The 2012 Sweet Strutter

  • The 2012 Strutter will come in white, green, black and blue.
  • Sweet did some re-working and re-thinking of the outside shell. They used LFT (Long Fiber Technology), which is a technology where they inject a carbon fiber / polymid into the shell of the helmet, allowing them to control the stiffness (or elasticity) of specific areas of the lid. The result is a better balance between rigidity and elasticity that will lessen impact by 20%-30%. The Strutter had rigidity down to a science in the past, and now has a bit of elasticity as well.
  • The internal carbon fiber frame is now one piece. Bombproof, supportive and comfortable.
  • The "Occi-Grip" adjustment mechanism on the back of the helmet has been upgraded (it was actually taken from current model Rocker) . It sits lower and does a better job at not allowing the helmet to move around when you are wearing it.
  • There's an improved EVA liner. The 2012 Strutter will take multiple impacts better.
  • The Strutter is available in 3 sizes (S/M, M/L and L/XL) as opposed to "one size fits all". This allows you to dial in a superior fit.
  • This is an ideal helmet for stand up paddling. It's light, low profile, comfortable, offers great protection, and has a brim to block the sun when you are standing up in the river all day long. Most importantly, it is one of the most stylish helmets every built. Style points have to count for something right?

The 2012 Sweet Shambala Shorts

  • The Shambala shorts are a capri length (or manpri length depending on if you are a dude or girl) water short with a little bit of knee and butt protection, a neoprene lining, and a mountain bike short style waist closure.
  • The shorts will be offered in red and black for 2012.
  • Since the shorts go below the knees, they are able to cut the wind when you are stand up paddling...sorta like wearing pants or wet suit bottoms on the river, but way more stylish and comfortable.
  • There's a stash pocket on the front of the shorts for car keys, a power bar, or whatever you want to bring along on the adventure.
  • The neoprene lining is key. It keeps you warm, and offers some protection for swims. For that reason these are going to be very popular in the SUP world.
  • If you are looking for a very functional bottom layer that offers warmth, protection and tons of style, The Shambala is a perfect choice.


The Sweet Strutter and Shambala shorts are 2 top of the line products. For that reason they do not have as many drawbacks (or "con's") as price point items. If there was a con for these items it would be price. You get what you pay for, and you are paying a higher price point for ultimate protection, comfort and style. If you would like to win a FREE 2012 Sweet Strutter and pair of Shambala's, along with a $2200+ SUP package, check out this link. The contest ends on March 1 so enter soon! http://www.facebook.com/coloradokayaksupply?sk=app_121121694568521

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