We carefully selected all the products on this list - they are all under $150 and make excellent gifts for the paddler in your life. Kayakers, Rafters and SUP'ers alike would be stoked to get any fo these as gifts. Whether you can give it to them in person or mail it to them from us, they'll love it!

Sea to Summit X Series Cookware

Collapsible, lightweight + perfect for packing. This is the perfect cook set for small self-support trips from Kayaks or SUPs, as well as for those who are looking to save space in their kitchen box. The beauty of the X-Set is that the Kettle and Pot collapse and fit inside the pan for storage. 

Men's Gifts Sea To Summit X Pot 4L Men's Gifts X-Set 33 2-Piece Cookset   Men's Gifts X-Set 32 3-Piece Cookset
X-Pot Collapsable Cookpot 4L 
(on sale!)
X-Set 33 2-Piece Cookset 
(on sale!)
X-Set 32 3-Piece Cookset 
(on sale!)


Grayl Geopress Purifier + Cartridge

Easy to use and pack. This purifier is great for any planned backcountry expedition. Your favorite paddler will always have access to potable water with the Grayl Geopress Purifier and back up extra cartridge.

Men's Gifts Grayl Water Bottle Purifier
 Men's Gifts Grayl Water Bottle Purifier Cartridge
Grayl Geopress Purifier
Replacement Cartridge


Watershed Dry Duffels and Hybrid Duffels

Watershed makes high-quality dry bags, and, especially when it comes to dry bags, everyone wants quality. Not to mention that Watershed is American made and favored by all CKSO employees. Your favorite paddler, no matter what they paddle, will love any one of these dry duffels from Watershed.

Men's Gift Watershed Chattooga Dry Duffel
Chattooga Dry Duffel

At almost 20" long, the
Chattooga Dry Duffel is
perfect for first-aid kits -
or for everything you'll need
(minus a sleeping pad/bag) on
an overnight trip. 

Men's Gift Watershed Ocoee Dry Duffel
Ocoee Dry Duffel

If you know a paddler who
likes to go straight from
the office to the river, the
Ocoee is the bag for them.
It's small enough to fit
everything needed for
a quick day paddle.

Men's Gifts Goforth Hybrid Dry Duffel  
Goforth Hybrid
Dry Duffel

Same size as the Ocoee,
with more low-profile
lashing points for
improved rigging. This
duffel is super useful for
people who SUP and can
also double as a side-hike
daypack, with easy to
adjust waist straps.

Men's Gifts Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel
Colorado Duffel Dry Bag

The Colorado Duffel is the
perfect dry bag for storing
camp gear and clothes on
extended trips. Its wide
mouth helps you find your
gear with ease and the zip
lock system ensures
perfectly dry gear.

Level Six Hot Fuzz Fleece UniSuit

If your paddler is into cold-weather paddling (or any kind of adventuring), a onesie is crucial for staying warm and staying comfortable. Level Six Hot Fuzz Fleece UniSuit is one of our top recommended product for all winter boaters. It's thick enough to keep paddlers warm but not too thick that it's bulky and/or constricting under a drysuit. 

 Men's Gifts Level Six Hot Fuzz Onesie Men's Gift Level Six Hot Fuzz Fleece Onesie



You will find rescue throwbags on crafts along any whitewater stretch of river you paddle. They are one of the most important pieces of equipment you will have when needing to rescuing a swimmer or helping to unpin a boat.

 Men's Gift Level Six Compact Throw Bag Men' Gifts NRS Rescue Throw Bag Men's Gift Salamander Throw Bag
Level Six
Quick Throw Pro Throwbag 
Pro Compact Rescue Bag
Safety 70 Spectra Throw Bag


 Astral Brewer 2.0 Men's Water Shoes

The Astral Brewer 2.0 Men's Water Shoes are some of our favorite shoes to wear on the water. The beefed-up sole on the Brewer is ideal for stepping in and out of rafts on rocky shores. Plus, they can often double as a side-canyon hiking shoes.

Men's Gifts Astral Brewer 2.0 Whitewater Shoes

NRS 65L Bill's Bag Dry Bags

The NRS 65L Bill's Bag is for outfitters, guides, adventurers and weekend warriors alike. Riverfolk have relied on the Bill's Bag to keep their overnight gear dry year after year and trip after trip since 1977. This midsize Bill's Bag can be compact enough to fit into most overhead compartments of airlines and is the perfect size for weekend and overnight trips.

Men's Gift Blue NRS Bills Bag Men's Gift Red 65L Bills Bag  Men's Gifts Yellow 65L NRS Bills Bag



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