Level Six Quick Throw Pro Throwbag

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The Level Six Compact Quickthrow Pro Throwbag features a zipper system that allows you to open the throat of the throwbag wider to make re-stuffing the bag much easier.  Mesh sides improve interior breathability and a snap attachment system with integrated whistle might just make this one of your new favorites. 

The Quickthrow Pro also features an industry-first glow in the dark static rope. If a pin situation becomes an ordeal lasting into the evening hours, its great having the peace of mind that the rope under tension is visible to all involved in the extraction.

  • 14% elongation 16.7 KN (3745 lbs) breaking strength
  • 600 d nylon bag
  • 20m (65’) 3/8” static Dyneema core with a polypropylene sheath
  • Mesh drainage panel
  • Draw cord
  • Webbing loop
  • Easy re-stuff system
  • Glow in the dark static rope

Pro Tip - The rescue rope in this compact throwbag is a features a static core with dynamic sheath. It has a 14% elongation and is considered static. It is ideal for multi-use rescue and is appropriate for mechanical advantage systems for small craft pin situations. If you are looking for a bag with similar features but a more general use rescue rope, check out the Compact Quickthrow, also new from Level Six.

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