After a winter lap down your local run you'll probably overhear someone say, “There is nothing better than a drysuit.” Most paddlers remember the first time they enjoyed the comfort of a drysuit on a wintry paddle. There's no better feeling after a cold day of kayaking than unzipping your drysuit to find warm, dry clothes underneath.

However, typical layers under a drysuit add bulk and discomfort. They bunch up around the waist or wherever they overlap, and with PFD’s or spray skirts compressing against that bulk, paddlers can experience discomfort and limited mobility.

But not to dread, the onesie is here to solve all your bulky layer problems.

Why is the onesie is such an essential layer most paddlers never knew they always needed? The onesie makes winter paddling not just bearable but comfortable.

Most onesies are made from stretchable and thin synthetic materials that greatly reduce bulk under your drysuit. This also reduces discomfort and increases mobility. With a onesie, you will feel lighter and more agile in your drysuit. A onesie makes you feel good enough to want to stay out all day long in the winter.

Now you may be asking, “But do I really need a separate layer exclusively to wear under my drysuit?”

What many paddlers don’t understand until they own a onesie is how versatile this layer is.

When worn skiing, a onesie solves the age-old problem of snow and cold sneaking in between your top and bottom layers.

For camping, a onesie turns a 30-degree sleeping bag into a 20 degree sleeping bag.

Lazy day around the house? Working from home? There is no reason not to spend every moment of your life enjoying the comforts your onesie provides.

We think the Immersion Research Union Suit the best onesie. It is zipper-free! Instead, the neck is made of a stretchy neoprene material allowing you to climb in and out through this stretchy neoprene. Yes. This sounds weird - and it is - until you try it and realize how comfortable the thing is.

The Union Suit is best for cold winter days where you need maximum warmth. Are there other good options out there? Absolutely. We also like the Level Six Hot Fuzz as a slightly lighter option, and for a women’s cut the Kokatat Habanero liner is a classic.

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