Perception Tribe Recreational Sit On Top

There's a million and one ways to have fun on the water. Sometimes, the most enjoyable afternoons are had by relaxing about 50 feet away from the beach, hanging your legs off of the side of a boat, and soaking in the warm water. If this is the case, the Perception Tribe is the right tool for the job. The fact that the MRSP is only $495 for the 9.5 solo model is pretty good too. The cool thing about the Tribe is that it has an entry level price, but but lots of features that are typically found on boats twice the price. The other neat thing about the Tribe is that it comes in 3 sizes. The 9.5 is good for smaller paddlers and children. The 11.5 is the adult model, and the 13.5 can be used as a tandem or a solo.Great versatility.





Max Capacity

Tribe 9.5

9-ft 5-in




Tribe 11.5*

11-ft 5-in




Tribe 13.5

13-ft 5-in





  • The Tribe is a true sit on top. It's perfect for the beach, lakes and streams. The nice thing about a sit on top is that you do not have to worry about being locked in the boat. You just hop in and out.
  • This boat is priced to sell. It's an inexpensive sit on top that has quite a bit of features. Examples of this are rod and seat holders, roto-molded seat and foot braces, storage bays and enough sizes to fit either a 5 year old or a sumo wrestler.
  • The Tribe's are stackable. I guess this only helps if you have more than one.
  • The Tribe's come in cool colors. They remind me of ice cream sherbet. You can get the boat in solids or fades.
  • Sit on top's in general are wicked stable, and the Tribe is no exception. You can hang your feet off to the side and the boat barely even moves.
  • Scupper plugs and a drain plug are nice touches.


  • The Tribe is a price point sit on top that has really some cool features. It is not a super high performance vehicle. It's better suited for trout fishing at the lake, rather than river running. Look at the Liquid Logic Coupe for a river running sit on top. The Coupe series is also more expensive.

The verdict:

The Perception Tribe is an inexpensive sit on top that has lots of great selling points. It is well made, has lots of features for an entry level price tag, and comes in lots of unique colors. If you are looking for a cost effective sit on top for this summer, the Perception Tribe Series is a solid choice.

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