Glacier Glove Toughtek Neoprene Perfect Curve Waterproof Glove

Here's a neoprene glove that will keep you hands warm, and last you for a while. Glacier Glove originally created the Perfect Curve neoprene glove. With curved fingers, it was a solid choice for paddlers who wanted to keep their hands warm, not have to use pogies and not break the bank. This year's version of the perfect curve glove is constructed out of "Toughtek" neoprene. This is a waterproof neoprene that has a laminate on it. This laminate is impregnated on the neoprene, thus causing it to be waterproof and extending the shelf life. These gloves are very durable. Once a little bit of water seeps into the glove(through the wrist),it will heat up, and then stay in the glove. This means that you will have really warm hands. The other big feature that these gloves have is that they are curved to the shape of the paddle, hence their name...perfect curve. Over time, this will cause less fatigue on your forearms and wrists. Jay Kincaid, one of the best freestyle paddlers of his time,helped design this glove. It's always good to have someone like that on the R&D team.



  • Toughtek neoprene is durable and waterproof. These gloves will last longer than traditional neoprene gloves. The waterproof, nylon laminate adds extra durability.
  • The contour of the gloves is great for paddling applications. Since the fingers are already curved, they are easier to get around the paddle. This makes life easier for your forearms and wrists
  • They are very warm, but the important thing to note is that a lot of that warmth is also attributed to the fit. When you have a great fitting glove there is little wasted space for your body to have to spend extra energy trying to heat.
  • They are nylon lined so they dry quickly.
  • They are waterproof, which for white water paddling doesn't mean that your hands won't get wet, but means that the small amount of water that gets in will stay in, and by the nature of neoprene will use that water as another layer of insulation.
  • Blind stitched and glues for extra durability.
  • Perfect Curve gloves are good for more than just kayaking. Since they are very warm and waterproof, they can be used for shoveling snow, working outside in the rain, or commuting to work in the freezing cold.


The Verdict:

The Glacier Glove Perfect Curve Toughtek Neoprene Glove is a heck of a warm paddling glove. By making the glove waterproof, they only needed to make it 2.5mm thick instead of 3.0 or 3.5mm. This will give the paddler more dexterity when holding a paddle. The unique waterproofing system combined with a tailored fit, will undoubtedly keep your hands warm when paddling in cold water or in cold environments. These gloves are also versatile, meaning that you can pretty much use them just about any application where you would want a durable pair of waterproof gloves.

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