piCKS: Our Favorite SUP for River Adventures

There's nothing quite like paddling a river, and paddling that river standing on a SUP (or sitting, or kneeling) gives you an awesome vantage point to see what you're paddling as well as nimble maneuverability to choose the lines you want to explore.

If you're going to paddleboard on a river, you will want a few river-specific features to ensure you have the best time possible. It's all about the Stompbox, people!

The SUPs mentioned here will get you out there and keep you safe, as well as perform in a way to help you excel at whitewater paddling faster.

DownRiver Riots

The SUPs mentioned here have all the features to provide your most versatile river romp.

Hala Atcha 86 SUP
Hala Atcha 86 SUP

8'6" x 34" x 6"

Hala Atcha 96 SUP

9'6" x 36" x 6"

  • These SUPs feature the width and stability to get you through whatever rodeo of rapids lies ahead and provide tons of fun to play on the flats. 
  • Hala Gear's River Rocker River SUP shape provides the perfect ratio of surface area and curved shape to boost you down your river of choice with confidence.
  • Hala Gear River SUPs centerfin system, the Stompbox™ 2, is revolutionary river SUP technology that changes the game for River paddleboarders.
    • Your fin retracts into the SUP upon contact with obstacles, keeping your SUP moving forward and you from flying off the front when it screeches to a halt after hitting a boulder or branch. 
    • This also allows us to use a 9" centerfin so you get the ultimate in speed and drive.

Supreme River SUP Stability

The SUPs mentioned here have a larger platform and progressive rocker to provide a stable while playful ride to excel in river paddling as well as flat water.

Hala Radito SUP for River + Lake
 Hala Radito

10' x 34" x 6"

Hala Rado

10'10" x 35" x 6"

  • Top-Quality Carbon Travel Paddle is included in this SUP Kit
  • These SUPs feature the longer and wider platform to provide the rider with ultimate river SUP stability.
  • Progressive Rocker in these SUPs gives the rider a slight upturn in the nose and tail for maneuverability and a longer surface area in the middle making these boards playful in the waves and snappy in the flatwater sections.
  • These SUPs also feature Hala Gear's patented  Stompbox™ 2 Centerfin System.

Surf + Jib

This SUP is made to surf waves, jib and play as well as take you downriver!

Hala Gear 711 Surf + Downriver
Hala Atcha 711

7'11" x 34" x 6"

  • Arguably the most playful down-river Whitewater SUP ever made.
  • The 711's River Rocker SUP shape lets you surf steep ledges so you can stomp, surf and jib your way down the river.
  • Features Hala Gear's Stompbox 2 and 9" centerfin for drive and precision. 

So, what you want from your river-ready SUP? Stability, Surf or something in between? All of these SUPs carry 5 year warranties and will have you rolling on the river without fear of supermanning off your SUP when it comes in contact with shallow water, boulders or logs. 

Our Customer Service Experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have about these and any other Whitewater SUP sold here at CKS!

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